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Journey of self-discovery and innovation

Jacky is the founder of CBN Ventures, specializing in the development of innovative apps and websites with a mission to create high-quality and user-friendly products, driven by his passion for technology and innovation.

Born in New York City, Jacky spent his childhood observing his parents as they managed a variety of businesses ranging from construction and plumbing to international trading.

With social difficulties as a trait, Jacky sought refuge in the world of computers. He devoted countless hours to configuration and optimization, honing his skills and knowledge. Jacky's journey with technology was advanced further when his father gifted him his very first laptop.

At 11 years old, Jacky was sent to China to study Mandarin, where he spent two years in a boarding school. Despite facing limited allowance, Jacky's resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit led him to start a convenience store concierge service, which provided him with a means of earning extra money.

During the return to America for 8th grade, Jacky's struggles took on a different form as he encountered new academic and social difficulties. Despite these challenges, Jacky was able to find solace in his acceptance into a theater arts high school, while he began to learn how to code and build websites.

This passion and dedication ultimately led him to attain an associate's degree in Computer Information Systems.

Following his college education, Jacky's ambitions shifted toward entrepreneurship. Despite his initial aspirations of starting a software development company, he instead found some success in e-sports.

In 2018, Jacky's entrepreneurial spirit was further showcased with the creation of Foodflare, his first consumer-based app aimed at making food discovery easier.

Undoubtedly, Jacky's ultimate goal remains the establishment of his own software development company, CBN Ventures.

Early Life

Jacky's early life was marked by his passion for technology. Born in New York City to parents who had emigrated to America separately from China, Jacky grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, with his father running a multitude of businesses globally.

As a young child, Jacky showed an early aptitude for computers, starting with playing around on the only desktop computer in the house.

This was quickly recognized by his father, who gifted Jacky his first laptop when he was only 8 years old. This event marked the beginning of Jacky's journey into the world of technology and paved the way for his future success.

When Jacky was 11, his inability to socialize with friends led him to be sent to China for education. However, this did not stop Jacky from finding ways to thrive. He made the most of his time in China by starting a convenience store concierge service and earning extra money, showcasing his resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit.

Returning to New York at the age of 13 to finish 8th grade, Jacky's passion for technology continued to grow. Throughout his high school years, Jacky excelled in his computer skills, eventually being hired by the computer technician in the theater arts high school he attended for technical assistance.

Jacky's reputation as an efficient computer professional was well established, and he assisted many people, both free and paid, with their computer issues.

Jacky's love for computers was further cultivated when he started building websites. At the age of 14, he created his first personal website, showcasing his coding skills and determination to succeed. He had a natural talent for writing scripts, using open-source software and even managed to install proxies to bypass WebSense, demonstrating his technical prowess from a young age.

Despite initially disliking programming, Jacky's passion for building quality websites continued to grow. Over time, he became proficient in creating WordPress themes and plugins and started several website-related ventures.

One such venture was a tech news website, which he started at the age of 16. Despite the website's eventual shutdown, it was a testament to Jacky's early entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed.

Jacky's website-building journey was not without its challenges. He faced numerous setbacks, but he never lost his determination to succeed. In 2016, Jacky built his first e-commerce website, selling Swarovski crystals to customers in China and Hermès accessories in America.

In 2018, Jacky showcased his innovative thinking when he built his first consumer-based mobile app, Foodflare, to solve a problem in food-finding apps. Using the Yelp and Google Places API, Jacky was able to deliver a high-quality, user-friendly product that met the needs of many.

Jacky's coding journey, marked by his passion and determination, was a key factor in his eventual success in founding CBN Ventures, a technology company specializing in innovative app and website development.

With a burning passion for technology and a clear vision in mind, Jacky founded CBN Ventures in 2018. He had years of experience under his belt, starting from building personal websites at the tender age of 14, to his most recent venture in e-sports.

Jacky's goal was simple, to build a world-class software development company that would deliver innovative and user-friendly products to meet the needs of everyone.

Through Meetup, Jacky met some of the most talented programmers, Chief Technology Officers, and successful blockchain owners. He took the time to network and learn from the best, and it paid off. After three months of hard work and late nights, Jacky finally had his first product in production mode, and it was ready for launch.

On June 2018, Jacky's first consumer-based app, Foodflare, was released and made available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Foodflare is an innovative app that aimed to solve the problem of food-finding with the help of Yelp and Google Places API. The app received positive feedback from users and established Jacky as a credible and capable entrepreneur in the tech industry.

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