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Questions I've Been Asked Before.

I've always been passionate about creating software solutions that solve real-world problems. Before starting any project, I make sure to understand the problem that it will be solving.

If I come across an idea that solves only one problem, I try to expand upon it to find other ways it can be used to solve similar problems. I believe in creating software that is not only efficient and effective but also reusable.

Profit is not my primary motivation, but if a project requires money in order to sustain its development, I'm open to making adjustments, such as adding subscriptions or adjusting its expense, to ensure growth.

Ultimately, my goal is to create software that improves people's lives and to make their tasks easier.

My philosophy on the design and implementation of enterprise networks and smart home setups revolves around creating a secure and flexible system.

I prioritize the use of virtual LANs to separate devices based on policies and enhance security. Devices that aren't considered close personal effects (such as phones or laptops) are isolated into the IoT network, and those I don't have full ownership of, such as a work-from-home laptop, are isolated into the guest network.

I also make use of WPA Enterprise, where each user has their own Wi-Fi login, recommend self-hosted VPNs that allow remote access to home networks for flexibility and the use of non-corporate owned DNS providers such as Quad9 or NextDNS.

In terms of smart home devices, I prefer open and flexible smart home systems that allow users to customize their setup according to their needs. The idea of walled gardens and the need to buy high-priced hardware from a single vendor is not acceptable to me.

During my experience as a Co-Founder of Stars Gaming, I learned that the key to running a successful business involves more than just technical skills. I acknowledge that I may never reach the level of expertise of the successful entrepreneurs I admire.

In a business with partners, collaboration and a colloquial mission is the key to success. It's not just about making decisions, but also about considering the interests of all parties involved.

Everyone has a stake in the business and it's in everyone's best interest to ensure the success of it. Sure, you can choose to go solo in your endeavors, even if you believe you have the capability to succeed. However, gaining acceptance and support from your partners is essential as the collective intelligence and experience of a group will always surpass the capabilities of an individual.

It is also important to be transparent about one's strengths and limitations in order to succeed. Simply labeling oneself as an "entrepreneur" or any other "preneur" will not suffice.

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